Wet Love letter


I wrote to you

All the things I couldn’t tell

A beautiful letter

Consummated by love

Drained with the effort

Eyes moist when I finished

Parched gullet

I reach for the glass of water

My shivering hands betrayed

Debilitated state of mind

I gasp, as things unfold before ne

The glass tripping over

The jotter getting immersed

The words changing shapes

Meaningless paint designs

I grab at the piece of parchment

That now has footings all my secrets

   All my infamous burrows                     

Which I wanted to reveal to you

A blind courage that you will run to me

Knowing the real me

Alas, I can’t write anymore

I don’t want to write anymore



wet love letter

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2 thoughts on “Wet Love letter

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Captures adroitly THAT moment which for some can become frozen in time. This also recalls another ” wet love letter ” although realised on the screen ,when in the 1943 Classic ” Casablanca ” ,Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick Blaine is left standing in the heavy rain on a railway station platform waiting for a certain female and waiting. Part of him dissolves too.

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