Well,I never did

You astonished me
Turning illusion to reality,
Just like those sci-fi movies
You conquered the whole world,
People were caged at home
Soldiers marched through streets.

You amazed me
Turning the need ‘travel’ to inessential,
Erasing the words Tourism and Airlines
You made it to collapse,
Bringing back primitive life
Which is just meant for survival.

You surprised me
Turning tainted world to virtuous,
Bringing a stop to man-made disasters
You restrained nature’s purity,
Letting nature take revenge
In its own sweet unique style.

You startled me
Prioritizing relation over self,
Side-lining work and learnings
You restored meaning of family,
Forcing people to stay under one roof
To redefine the relationships.

You astounded me
Turning one whole year to monotonous,
Changing modus operandi of living
You proved life moves on by taking a detour,
Irrespective of adverse happenings
To reach the predefined destinations.


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About Sajitha

Sajitha hail from Kerala, India. She is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. She is working in a MNC since 2009. Even though she's techie person from profession, she likes to introduce herself as a person with creative outlook. She uses her spare time for writing and blogging. Expressing her thoughts through words makes her feel close to herself and brings her hope & happiness.

8 thoughts on “Well,I never did

  1. amitapaul

    This poem appears to address the personification of Coronavirus and describes the changes it has brought about in human life , globally. The poet helps us to reflect on many aspects of this ongoing phenomenon.


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