Poor and rich
are ways of life ,
wealth brings health
or health is wealth ?
context matters
in coat or tatters ,
stiff upper lip
or face adorned with smile ,
racing a limousine
or dragging feet ,
search ends in
a coffin !
your deeds immortal
uploaded on the portal ,
scores impartial
pauper or imperial ,
trials in grave
or grave are the trials …!
of destiny and fate
you choose to rate ,
happiness abound
in deeds it is found !
the track always round ….
each soul passes the pole
in pieces or whole ,
pennies you gather
or in riches you roll ,
deeds take their toll
wandering souls ,
you purr or you growl
does not matter much ,
deeds are mute
do not refute !
rich and filthy
poor and wealthy ,
equations fail
happiness trails !
poor and rich
are ways of life ,
cry not foul
just lead your life…!
┬ęDr. Swati A Gadgil, All Rights Reserved.

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