growing old

I and Self

in loneliness and Oneness


happy and sad

and between all that

just a human

balancing on the cord of life


© Marialenn 2014 06/16/2014

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About Marialenn

My name is Marialenn Langendoen. Writing and painting is next to my work, what I spend most of my time with at the moment . I started writing and drawing as a child , but this was dismissed as kind of trifling and a long time I quitted but always missing this way of expressing myself. Around 1985 I took it seriously again and I never stopped writing and painting again. Wonderful to see how my poems have grown through the experiences in my life and being a therapist , I have a great source from which I can draw . I write about what I encounter in everyday life, about the past, where ever a mirror has been holding up to me. I easily project and I have a large feeling of empathy . Amazed about a painting, an art object or picture I write poems without hesitation and delete them seldom because the first impression is always my truth at that moment. Sometimes I write my poems directly in English and sometimes in Dutch, it's just what occurs . So it can happen that my English is a little shaky, I was born out of a Dutch mother and a South African father , so please do not blame me on language I do my best . My poems may seem to be heavy , yet I am happy woman with a lot of life experience and love to have fun. So let’s have it together Feel free to ask me any questions you want…..

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for June 2014 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month :- ** Golden – Witty Fay – **…..In the category of Highly Commended ( tabulated alphabetically ) are the following works:- * Def Lambs – Jacob Ellinger – *….* Dispel – Rashmi Malapur – *….* Flames of Desire – Ramesh Rai – *….* Let me count the ways – Lata Tewari – *….* Line of Death – Tapeshwar Prasad – *….* Lotus Life – Neetu Wali – *….* Melodies of Silence – Madhumita Ghosh – *….* Sickle of Change – Panjami Anand – *….* So I lied – Jan Christian Sorensen – *….* We – Maria Lenn Langendoen – *….* (The) Word’s Color Change – Kinga Fabo – *….* Written in the Stars – Elizabeth Castillo – *. The ICOP CRITIC,Bi-Monthly Award ,for May / June goes to Gopal Lahiri .


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