Way Too Many In Blackacre

( Launching off from Michel Youn )

( BLACKACRE : A fictitious designation that legal writers use to describe a piece of land. The term Blackacre is often used in comparison with Whiteacre in order to distinguish one parcel of land from another. )

Don’t you think too many apples are falling off the old tree this Autumn ?
Why , what else do apples do if nobody picks them ?
It is in the nature of apples to ripen , and fall
Not too far from the tree , usually
You should pick them up and use them
For whatever it is that people use them for
Do you think it could be the disease …. ?
Disease ? Oh please !

Don’t you think too many people are dying these days ?
Old people ? Middle aged people ? Young people ?
People are always dying , you know . You notice deaths
You do not remark upon the accepted fact of life
Yes , but wars , and murders , and suicides
And accidents and disease and old age
Have always been around . Think of now …
Death is very common among living beings , you know
That’s how we all end . That is the nature of human life .
I still think too many people …..
Excuse me , Yes , I’ll be there in ten
Sorry , must rush
Stop thinking morbid thoughts . Cheer up. Bye .

I still think too many apples ….
I still think too many people …..
Way too many

I no longer believe in statistics
But one day , truth will out

Way , way too many

Is anybody listening ?
Is it already too late ?
Is there time to say goodbye ?

Has the World “ already

launched itself into the gray sky like an escape

capsule accidentally empty sent spiraling into the

unpeopled galaxies of my trackless gray body “
and my pitch dark soul ?

Blackacre .

(“peas and beans are black, corn and potatoes are white, hay is green” )

Black Rents shall be payable in produce ,
and White Rents in silver.

Annihilation is no excuse
No excuse at all .

( ASA )


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