Wall-less World

There was, once, a wall- less world
Yards were spread throughout.
Your water and air were mine too.
You wore my clothes and I ate from your bowl.
My cattle grazed in your garden
And your lambs played in my hut.

There was, once, a wall-less world.
Today, through my cataractous eyes
I see walls all around.
Mind aches for a view of yours
Ears for your voice.
Behind these coloured walls
Your heart, too, may be pounding
For that old wall-less world.

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About Fathima Manal

Dreams,fantasies,words and rhythm-other than skin,bones and muscles I am made up of these.With every drop of blood that my heart pumps,a new dream forms in me.With every breathe,i take the surroundings too inside me.And my poems are just the minute regurgitants of what i accumulate within. I am a doctor from Kerala,India,who should not be supposed to but is in deeply love with words and books more than medical books.Hope you enjoy my poems......

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