Wait For My Rise

The tears brimmed
at the brink of my eyes,
Drenching my cheeks to seek your love,
Rolling to clink the cravings
to not to leave me alone,
In the deserts of my heart,
you are the drizzle of the meadows
Your musings are with the glints
And the stars twinkle your dreams
Be with me,
when the solace too will fade in woods
Share the beats of your heart,
when the dearth is curbing my veins
when the clocks will favour my foes,
My skin, when painted by the wounds
Don’t you conceal your love as smoke,
Don’t you blink from my fall
My lips may shiver to say
but, try to read the utters
visible in my eyes,
agonies may shatter my heart
Wait for a smile to enhance my face
I wish you to witness
the sharp edges, slitting my throat,
I wish you to witness my oozing
nourishing the soil of my land
I may be shackled by the cruel,
I may be shrilling for the peace
But, You have to wait for my verve
You have to wait for my rise.

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About Peerzada Syed Dawif

Peerzada Syed dawif (18) a young poet, hailing from a small hamlet of peernar noorpora of Kashmir's sub-division tral. Syed is studying medical science and despite of being a medical student, he is enthusiastic and passionate to the world of poetry. His journey of poetry writting started from a little age and he beleives that the writing is an immortal world, where the people will surely remember you even after your decease. The poet is deeply nature loving and one could witness it from his different poems written about the natural healings. Syed is an author of a poetry Anthology titled as "Screams Of Silence".

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