Rope from the ceiling 
noose made perfect
a small table 
right underneath ,
syringes filled 
with killer potion
needles by the side
ready to pierce ,
Balcony wide open
no grill no glass
windy on top
dark clouds with floss ,
roaring sea 
rushing waves
with arms wide open
distant gaze ,
speeding train
clanking wheels
a free style jump 
or lying still ,
People were asking
Is he mad ? 
Is she insane ?
Stop him quick !
Hold her please !
He and She make the World 
He and She break the World…..
Is it so easy 
to take ones life ?
Who permits them ?
to torment …
to whisk out the soul 
which dwells within ,
such ungrateful hosts
cowards utmost ,
now wish to return…
but there is No Option 
To Undo and Restore ,
choking breath 
flooding lungs 
senses numb
soul squeezing out ,
all is lost 
in a single bout ……
madness infused
leading to death
so is that the great win 
having lost and run ?
pointing a gun
index on trigger ,
logic misfired
you are gone forever
so , is the problem solved ?
It multiplies further
hence ,  Stop ! My Dear !
Do Not Fear 
Run Back to Life
And Embrace Tight 
You Have To Fight !

( © Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)

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    1. Swati A Gadgil Post author

      Thank you Vijay sir for appreciating my expression on this gruesome problem in the society. every time I read about a death like this I am deeply pained and wish i could be of help…

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