In my imagination only
I drive the fast car into wide desert roads
No negotiation with the wind
I conquer all
Yellow land and neutral dust
Hug the chaos that envelopes the tires
Kiss the thorn of the cactus
Read the letter my blood wrote
Gigantic wall of happiness blocks my entrance
Resurrection is an extreme phase
Awesome how youth blasts its negativity into
the void drunkenness

6 thoughts on “Void

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Baumgartner does extreme sports hurling himself out from balloons, but it is Destiny Poets’ very own Iulia who hurls our readers expectations out into the void with her unique form of extreme poetry. I was quite captivated by the imagery,highly evocative of the seminal movie ,” Thelma & Louise “. This is pure,unadulterated poetic excitement.No seat belts,no airbags.

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