I know you, your deep scars,
Hidden pain, bitter angst….
You are there, once I was….
Wronged, fooled, trashed!

To say healed I muster not,
Just hovered and hovered,
Till was above the filth,
The vantage above discerning

The scars are medallions,
Of a war well fought.
The pain is a goldmine,
Where I dug out soul.

Clearest quartz crystal,
With veins of gold,
I made it a pendant,
Sister you wear it as brooch.

Let the sun shine through it,
Raw and pure,
More coveted than crowns.

Shashikala Sasidharan
All (c) rights reserved as on 5/2/2015

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About Shashikala Sasidharan Elambakkattu

Shashikala S. is Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Rutgers University, USA working on developmental genetic and cellbiology. She has a doctorate in Proteomics and Cell Biology (Bio-technology) from Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Biotechnology (DBT), INDIA. And is actively involved with academic research, but poetry and painting are her passion. She writes on the realms of cosmic spirituality,nature's mysticism and egalitarian philosophy. Her poems have been published Kannur University Magazine, Tellicherry, Kerala and in anthologies 'Resonance" by "Poets Artists Unplugged" and "Across The Way" and at

8 thoughts on “Veined

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A challenging work that uses fairy-tale allegories and imagery to address issues of psychological trauma and self-harm.

    EDITORIAL FOOTNOTE ( For the benefit of the author )

    The last line ” Raw and pure,coveted than crowns ” does not actually make sense.
    Had it been simply ” raw and pure “. that would have worked. The ” coveted than crowns ” would have worked had you inserted ” more” ,i.e. ” more coveted than crowns”.

    1. Shashikala

      Thankyou Louis… Yes you are correct….thanks for the great comments, I will edit the last sentence duly….☺️


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