Vanquishing Doubt

Evening chills clasp my bones

Crushing them with utmost strength

Bringing me to shout out with pain

And to cry bitterly!

Evening chills whisper in my ears

Stories of how false this world and

The love it carries can be

Yet, of how attractive it seems

To souls while they do bask in God’s summery glow

Causing them to fall, oh so easily to their doom!

Evening chills laugh in my face,

Giggling foolishly at my tears

Mocking my allegiance to the skies

And to their word!

It shall lead you nowhere, they said,

You shall end up as a mere loser!

Evening chills prick my heart as if they were harpoons

And it, a mere baited fish!

A pure heart, seeking true love, eternal love

Everlasting love, willed by the Gods

Can only be qualified as being dull-witted, they sang!

Evening chills blow their putrid vapours into my soul

Suffocating it

And having it yearning for freshness!

A fallen soul, fallen for the sake of love

Is only meant to rot in a world which controls everything!

From lives to catastrophes!

A fallen soul, fallen in sin, shall never climb the divine stairs!

Pray, amidst the twirling doom,

I closed my eyes

Allowing not the tears to flow

Allowing not my heart to writhe with pain

Allowing not my soul to die!

I closed my eyes

And prayed, so hard,

That a warm fire lit up in my whole body

A warm fire, kindled therein by the angels, messengers of Gods!

I shall not let the swords of negativity kill me

Whispered I in a broken voice

The skies’ word I do trust

To it I do hold on to

As if it were my oars and I was lost at sea

As if it were food and I a starving child

As if it were peace and I a war victim

As if it were cure and I, an ailing disease!

The skies’ word I do trust,

And in it, I do tend to play,

As joyfully as would a fairy in a rose garden!

The skies’ word, after all,

Remains my cause, my meaning, my savior,

Without it, I would have still been another one grain of sand

Sleepily adorning the many shores of the world,

Having no other purpose other than being

Lazily and ignorantly!

For their realisation do I wait,

As eagerly as would a child,

Awaiting Santa on Christmas Eve!

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