Valentines’ Day, Alone

Another card, a package too, lays hidden deep within this draw

Sad and lonely hidden lays as if it was my soul, trodden down.

Loves’ golden voice has whispered not within my heart

Though shadowed, fan-tailed, destined breath, scarred upon this earth

which stand do I, waiting for loves’ feathered embrace,

held my thoughts, hidden dreamed, yearning souls awaiting catching breath.

A fleeting peck upon these my rose-tainted lips,

then disappeared and out of sight, too late upon my heart and soul impressed

as shattered heart and mind, now nursed, for hatred so strong

as daggered bore deep, as words were spoke, to break loves’ back.

Love so strong it could not break, for eternity now bound

became loves’ dream, as once was had. Saddened depths beyond

tears of deepest regret no more now found, of loves’ true dream, catcher’s sun.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, (2013)

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