Is it too much to ask for Utopia?
Why indulge in Xenophobia?

Can we not practise our religions in peace?
O, why should we kill over meat?

It is good to be a vegetarian
But it is not good to be a dictator.

Why can’t we see our Devis in our women?
Why pour molestation and rape venom?

Why should one live in a castle
And another not even have a morsel?

Why are we spewing acids in rivers?
Don’t you realize, rivers are life givers?

Why are we felling trees for high rise buildings?
How can we tolerate Mother Nature wilting?

Why are we polluting the air?
Our lungs are sinking, don’t you care?

O foolish man, stop your maniacal deeds
Life is meant to be Utopian, a precious gift indeed!

Copyright Aabha Vatsa

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