At this given moment in time
When unruly words run out to play
Hide and seek with bewildered truth
And the mist suddenly shrouds our milestones,
Do you recall,my dear, the day
When the road turned slippery like our ideals
And the brakes failed in the treacherous rain:
A scream bounced across all our tarred lives–
When did we lose control over ourselves
And the rare gift of commonsense?
Masks are tossed from face to face
As tongues,like folded palms,open doors
For the owners of vintage cars and talk show views:
While five brave nuns still wait for the sun to rise
Others climb eighteen steps to face a troubled god.
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I retired as Associate Professor, Department of English, Government Victoria College Palakkad, Kerala. I taught English Language and Literature in various colleges for 31 years. My Ph.D. thesis was on the plays of Wole Soyinka. My collections of verse include "The City and the Hermitage" (1988), "Doors Swing Open" (2008), "Eyes" (2010) and "Whispers of Light in Darkness" (2013). My poems have also appeared in the International Anthologies "I am a Poet" (2013), "With Love" (2013), "Synthesis" (2014) "Poetic Symphonies" (2015) and "Heavenly Hymns" (2015).

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