Universe within universe

thinking about rhyming
universe spit in my face
in its on going fury
spinning endlessly on the same route
it couldn’t find a rhyme
a stretch, a syllable of peace
in its on going hunger
eating galaxies with grace
like dragons sipping princes
in the deep forests
it boiled my thicken blood
explosions then occurred at the brim of my knee
expanding vessels of dark energy
sliding on tunnels of time
leaving their mark
on the circumference of God

2 thoughts on “Universe within universe

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Frenetic Freudian frolics abound in this latest pyscho-analytical escapade to escape from the confines of Iulia’s poetic imagination. If poems were movies and reviewers were censors,then I’d have to recommend Parental Guidance ,contains scenes of poetic inventiveness.

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