Undercurrents of Fire

A fairy sleep caught me unaware in the odd hours of twilight,

with all the just bought festive ensembles gripping self intact  ,

galore in the dimness of severely meshed up mind’s darkness  ,

premiering into  a sort of first day-first show revelation regime,

rejuvenating all senses with inner realms of dreams supreme;

dreams intertwined with real life and near life  happenings ,

Is it a just a clueless dream or rather a clue to unseen life’s proceedings?


Pretty strange was this rare and random deep rest,

the sea of change captured with it ebbs  and crests ,

like a motion picture with nanographic  details abreast;

Bosom’s a big hearth burning with thousand watts raging fire,

the undercurrents of this  running deep, side and wide;

the fragile petals of  heavy eyelids in divinely closure,

its upper and lower, adamantly glued with lashes together,

never to blossom and burst ,upholding  the iris flower ,

the intensely  over-focussed and over flashed buds of eyeballs ,

salvaged with this perfect  shutdown ,resting from all its restless roll ;

Ironic  to this pleasure closure, was the raging pain in the firing hearth,

all sticking ardently and spreading from the walls of the cherry bosom;

the pain leaping in bounds and manifolds, never imagined dimensions to the fore;

all along to the  fallacy of the sleepless mind and the tired soul previous ,

your traces of presence  nulled  by your conspicuous absence

as you left me unattended ,unasked and  giving no prominence;

Now the deepening undercurrents digging out the remnant traces,

traces of miraculous minuscule scattered around everywhere ,

proclaiming unanimously and yelling out your roots  all here;


The olympiad fire now seems  inborn as it’s there while sleep and awake,

never to go until all your traces surfaced and resurfaced,

th e untraceable you now growing bigger than my world,

for just like a finger held before my mirroring eyeballs,

saliently covering  the whole world before me,

conveniently conquering my thoughts and beats too;

like a fish just out of water, caught between life and death,

both having its equal chances  of occurrence;

But the  fire so strong ,with  flares of sustenance;

no more end ,wilt and rot, all hymns  and chants of existence ;

No illusion or delusion, fire is always for sanctity and truth,

the undercurrents of fire will bring you from the lost state,

Wherever you are, I am no more untraceable to you,

I am no more unreachable to you, i am no more unreadable to you,

the fire of light will flash you all , now no more division;

unison of lights nonetheless  a distant horizon !

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An Avid Literary Enthusiast ,have just entered the main arena of writing with poetry,to follow suit on other forms too .Keen on writing my soul out on intriguing soul-searching/stirring metaphysical themes,passionate romance ,social concerns close to heart & anything influencing me-- with a sort of surrealistic imagery n crafted wordplay being my natural style. Want to have a firm professional place in literary & creative media world reaching global audience! (Ahh, its warmth of home ..coming back here to Destiny now after almost 3 to 4 yrs , this 2015, feels I was away for long...but at my other poetic home so lovable as this. I wish I keep frequenting both the soulful spaces foreva..!:) tq Poets, tq Destiny. Various Links to this nomadic me:) http://uma136.wordpress.com http://www.facebook.com/umarani.jayaraj https://in.linkedin.com/in/umaranijayaraj https://twitter.com/tweetonuma http://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/summultima/

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