Undefined Love

Dawn is about to set
Here I am still thinking of you
Your shadow vanishing in the moonlit night,
I walked the dark path to realize you’re not there
Were you just an illusion, a dream, or created by pure imagination
All I know is that you possess those pair of eyes that glimmer in the dark
That even if I get lost anywhere in this world, I may find myself again in you,
You’re more than the word Love itself for I cannot simply define how you swept me off my feet
A meager stare from you sets my heart in so much commotion
And hearing you call my name in such an intricate way sets my soul on fire,
Find me again, take my hand and let’s go to the end of the world
There at the tower let us watch the moon while some clouds dance in the background
As the splashing of waves make sounds while we walk by the shoreline barefooted,
Feeling the warm sand beneath our feet with a mild breeze brushing our cheeks
Find me again in another lifetime where we could define this eternal love we share transcending time and space.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright May 17, 2017 7:50 P.M

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