Sometimes it throws weird curve balls at you,
The obscure predicament called life-
It makes you twist and turn 
And whine and wail;
Compelling you to revisit those places you bid half-hearted goodbyes;
And forcing you to gift farewells to what you thought was an eternity.

It makes you move around in a whirlwind
Where you’re so dizzy like a kid on a giant wheel,
And before you understand;
It’s all over.
You’re estranged;
Surrounded by ghostly laughters
Of your abandoned past.
Now, nothing matters to you.
There’s nothing familiar.
Just you and the oblivion;
With bits and pieces flashing in front of you
Like fragmented vignettes from a long forgotten dream.

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About Prabha Prakash

I am a CA, who loves words more than numbers. My first collection of poetry, “Lost Monsoon” is set to be released by Writers Workshop, Kolkata. I blog at www.endlesselan.blogspot.in and also write for Times of India blogs. My poems have been published in reputed magazines. I firmly believe that penning ideas on paper has helped me retain the warmth within myself and to keep moving forward with a ray of hope. I can be reached @ endlesselan@gmail.com.

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