Ugliness and Beauty

I wish I had that self-assured ugliness
That beats Beauty with sheer presence
Don’t mistake me : I have ugliness
In plenty , but it’s a sheepish, apologetic ugliness
Not the confident careless dashing ugliness
So certain of its innate worth , intelligence
And humanity, it really couldn’t care less
What anybody thought of the outer cover
Which was sturdy and practical
But far from pretty. It seems petty
In the face of such down – to – earthness
To talk about the aesthetics of facial features,
Or body shapes; of glasses, and moles,
And warts and all,
Standing on the podium , at the Harvard Forum
Or in the White House,or in any Presidential Palace.
I wish I had such plainness, such austerity
Such utter lack of vanity , and ego.
Ugliness and beauty are relative concepts
Not absolutes. Do not be trapped by them :
Find your essence. Find your comfort.
That’s beautiful. Forget the myth.

( ASA )

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