Two sides of life

Modernity stood tall and proud while facing me

Sarcasm filled up its eyes

And its nose wrinkled up in disgust

Why, next to it

I was, like a bird in a cage

One having never tasted freedom

One having never wished for it even

One simply bent on sitting and chirping

While feeding on whatever my state would throw at me!


Modernity’s face then turned horrible with hatred

All for mine own sake

Revolted, it openly spat on my face

That’s meant for your grave, it said

Someday, you shall be inexistent

While I, boosted and evolved

Shall get even more avant-gardist!


Hurt filled up my bosom, so much that it pained to breathe

My eyes quivered and tears slid down my cheeks

So hot and pricking!


Pray, is to be an orthodox soul an offense?

Innocence, being the power driving me forth

Gets repulsed at the many dark shades of modernity

Yet, tolerance, being my flapping wings

Impedes me from returning the hatred!

Love, being my voice,

Has me feeling warmly and bonded to it!


After all, it takes all kinds of people to make a world

Being modern or orthodox should not mean

That one is to wage bloody battles with the other;

Rather, one should complement the other

As, two different sides make a coin,

As, consciousness is needed for existence to thrive

As, both earth and sky make up life!

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