Twinkling of an Eye

Within the twinkling of an eye

Doth God expand His ways.

We cannot tell, His works of faith

Through within His love we dwell.


T’was in the twinkling of an eye

Did we reach out to Him,

His answer Love Divine, reached back

That all will work out well.


This twinkling eye, we cannot see

What blessings God bestows,

Yet all is calm, when He is nigh

And rests within our souls.


So remember well dear friends

As I shall truly do

That when life gets tough, and tough it shall

Don’t forget to pray!



© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2007/2012

2 thoughts on “Twinkling of an Eye

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Twinkling of an eye” alongside , ” Dinnertime,yum” and “We are not alone ” display the poet’s versatility and industriousness.Such an abundance of delight, a veritable plethora of poetry.

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