Turning inwards is no more

Turning inwards is no more
of what’s done and gone of yore
as I think of it in this night
when the moon is an elephant’s ivory
and the sky an American Red Robin
and the stars garlands of white daisies
serenely singing the
lullabies of melody with the blooming
white jasmines.

Yes, quiet and quite,
as I feel if I should reflect,
I feel that
‘rights ’ and ‘wrongs’ and ‘wrongs’ and ‘rights’
are all chameleons of time.
Green, red and orange-change with
yesterday, today and tomorrow-
with people, situations and maturity.

Yes, turning inwards is no more
for to taste the fruits that I lick
today from the seeds kissed by
a hundred suns would simply be
unfair for in the process a
thousand weeds have manured
the tree that I am today.

Yes, turning inwards is no more
for to do so would mean trespassing
days back to childhood, of the earth
that I was that boasted of all things
pristine, nibbled not by the
(in)sanity, sanctity of time and
peeled like layers of garlic.

Yes, turning inwards is no more of
what’s done and gone of yore
for when life itself is unsure
and incertitude the new ruler-
to go with the flow of it
would be the path of wisdom.

Brindha Vinodh

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About Brindha Vinodh

I am a postgraduate in Econometrics but a writer within. I have contributed to several anthologies and been published on many e-zines, journals, OPAS, etc. and a featured poet at an international publication house. My roseate sonnet was selected as one of the best poems of 2020 by the same group-InnerChildPress international.

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