The skies tug at my consciousness
Wanting me to be aware of their presence
The skies tease me,
Wanting to test the depth of my belief in them!

To the skies do I say thus,
To you I do belong,
It has been so since the moment
You graced me with your touch
Ready am I,
Ready to shed off my mortal body,
Just to be there with you,
Involved in doing whatever it is
That you do!

This world pleases me not
Most of the times,
I find none who can understand me
None who can soothe me!
All seek to use and abuse,
Or to mock and play with,
As if,
All I were,
Was a doll,
Half naked,
Smiling at all times
And made of desires!

Of the skies’ tests I am a regular
In them do I build my strength,
And my love for their power!

Pray, my wings are tired of flying me around
I seek to shed them off
And be surrounded by clouds,
And the comfort of God
At all times
So that the child in me
Would just laugh and play,
Worrying about nothing else!

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