Tryst With Childhood

The nurse handed me a bundle of joy
Evoking inexplicable emotions within,
The mesmerizing innocent eyes fluttered open
Like the wings of a butterfly.
We gauged each other skeptically,
Motherhood had not sunk in yet.
A Tsunami of congratulations, chocolates, bouquets
Left me inundated
But unprepared for
The sleepless nights, wailings, vaccinations, more sleepless nights,
The ecstatic joy at the first gutturals, footsteps, smile,
The tiny fingers tugging at the long locks cascading down my face,
The tender embrace seeking sanctuary from the loud rumblings in the sky
Like the kitten nestling closer in its mother’s warmth at winter.
The carefree demeanor
Shrouded in a cloud of apprehension
Upon leaving the apron strings
And entering experiential play school.
The saga continues-
As it heralds the primary years at school.
The young hands, shape the images of the mind
in the pottery classes,
Vent the songs of a carefree childhood in the music lessons,
Splash into the pool of life
And swim through the initial hurdles
Of academics, comprising stories of life, joy of traveling through excursions
Craft, essays, cursive writing and it goes on…..
To birthdays, friends, sleepovers……….
My daughter is growing up…..

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