True Love

I sometimes wonder why people are confused in love and true love

True love surpasses all emotions and is mighty powerful trove

Everybody knows that love is such a simple emotion for all

It is easily emoted by lovers and expressed by one and all

True love is when you sat awake whole night at my bedside, me with slightest fever

It is when my tears refused to halt, at the sight of blood from a tiny cut on your finger

It is when you pleaded with my parents for my hand sincerely

When you assured them of your worthiness with bowed head earnestly

When you promised them to take care of me till my last breath dear 

True love is my heart skipping a beat whenever your hearty laughter I hear

Your bringing my favorite white jasmine flowers each evening without fail

The soft fragrance elevating the intensity of our love on sail 

The adorable intimacy I felt each time you took me in your arms

My heart soared feeling so much love only for me your charms 

My being joyous and delighted to be your love

I felt so safe and secure in the warmth of your love

I fondly remember the pride and respect in our childrens eyes

Often teasing us merrily for our infinite love for each other surmise

Your heart swelled at their obedience and adulation

Admiration for their parents selfless true love and affection

True love is what makes all the difference

It brings out the best qualities in a person credence

People tend to forget the monetary help that you did over the years

But a person never forgets how you made him feel, respected and loved without fears 

True love is remembered even when you are gone from this world

The unforgettable love left behind in the form of sweet memories unfurled

Cherished & treasured, an heirloom for generations to come together

We, our love, in our loved ones lifes, lives on forever

Copyright © Princess Lubna

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Bio of Princess Lubna Lubna Ahmed is a Certified Master NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. NLP Workshop Facilitator and Soft Skills trainer. Certified Advanced Life Coach. Conducts SuperKoolKids Art Therapy workshops. Lubna reside in Delhi with her family. She has been brought up in an academic & bureaucratic environment. Her late father Late Dr. Mahfooz Ahmed, was a world renowned economist and educationist. Her schooling was done in Delhi and International schools abroad where her father was posted on UNO assignments. Lubna has managed to carve a niche’ for herself in the literary world by her ever so simple 'Love poems'. ‘Princess Lubna’ is her pen name, her writers’ identity. Her love poems are spiritual & has Mystical Aura. Lubna has written many poems for National and International Anthologies. Lubna graduated with first class marks in Science, Zoology Honors from AMU Aligarh Muslim University. She holds diploma in Travel & Tourism and Export Management. Lubna is an avid traveler. She has traveled to more than 35 countries in USA, Europe and Asia.

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