True Heroes

( the biggest peasant struggle in the recorded history of mankind )

A million and more
On the roads in the cold
And yet the stonehearts of gold are not moved
The young and the old
The healthy and sick
Fight for Man yet the rich stand unmoved
Little children speak out
Bent old grandmothers shout
Yet the lust for profit is indifferent to all
Power swats them like flies
Power that in wealth lies
Power spread in political sprawl
What is God’s mighty plan ?
Does He wish to end Man ?
Has He programmed all Life to shut down ?
None will save as we burn
None will help us to turn
From our doom ; we have been left to drown
Yet I honour your fight
You who fight for the right
Even God looks so pointless before you
All that power and might
Shines not one whit as bright
I think God should come down and adore you !

( ASA )

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