Tropical December

Tropical December


The golden sun’s heat dances
under the stronger  ravane’s* beats,
First caress, caress of summer
enchants  warmly shy, tropical December.

The fire-red flamboyant* blossom
soothing the lassitude of impatient passants*,
Ripe fruits, fruits of season
appease proudly hunger’s, thirst’s satisfaction.

The exotic straw hats rest
on  heads sheltered from UV-light,
Cool dresses, dresses of summer-time
guide confidently walks, swims sublime.

Tropical December sings mystic island’s songs
dispelling careless decisions all-wrong,
Light hearts, hearts of freedom
bless wisely unforgettable, festive season.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon


*ravane : The main musical instrument used in Mauritian traditional songs and dances,                  the Sega.


*flamboyants (from French): Tropical tree bearing red flowers

*passants (from French): passers-by

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About vatsala radhakeesoon

Born in Mauritius in 1977, Vatsala Radhakeesoon is the author of the poetry books ,When Solitude Speaks (2013) and Depth of the River ( July 2017). She is the representative of Immagine and poesia (Italy based literary artistic movement) for Mauritius. Her works also regularly appear in online literary journals, magazines and blogs such as Setu, Indiana Voice Journal, Dissident Voice , Tuck Magazine , Destiny Poets and others. Vatsala is currenly self-employed and continues to write poems in English, Kreol, French and Hindi.

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