Trapped in mundane attires

I feel trapped in my mundane attires

I feel tied

Limited, constricted

Encaged, like a lusty lioness,

In a narrow enclosure!

Why, if only, if only

I had magic at the tips of my fingers

If only, I could simply mutter spells

And bid Existence to be as I would have deemed it

Why, I would have flown to the moon each night

And I would have played my flute there

While making sure its melodies reach Earth

Causing earthlings to be mesmerized and hypnotized

All caring only to submit to their sweetness

All caring only to succumb to their engulfing powers!


Why, I feel so tiny, so insignificant

Existence is vast

Somewhere up there lies the power for which my heart beats

And I

Can only admire it from afar

From the soils of Earth

From the soils of a meaninglessly revolving mass


I feel trapped in my mundane attires

I wish, I wish I could fly just by thinking of such

But then

Since I can only wish and dream and sigh for wanting the impossible

Maybe Existence itself shall make its way towards me

Together, we would plant flowers wherever we would want to

And of course, we would make endless love to each other

So much that Mother Earth herself would blush and turn all crimson!


3 thoughts on “Trapped in mundane attires

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The general reader will find this to be,on the whole, a lively and engaging poetic divertissement.
    Nevertheless,somewhat greater attention might have been accorded to line length and in particular the use of ” And ” & ” Of course “.


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