Tranquilized Thought

A tranquilized thought
At the foliage of a tree
A casuarina in fact
With a carcoon in its bough.
I dilly – dally often
In the heart of the woods.
Wild black woods
Swampy with red pine leaves
Fully shed and
Obscure in foggy dews.
This tranquilized thought
Pre-ponders over the conscience
And I feel scared and scary
With a lubbard friend
Grasping each noise for hell.
I move lief
Like a dottard
Stepping each step
Hoping to slip and fall
Holding the breath for posterity.
A black boar
Crosses the parallel lined pines
Flashing its sharp tongue
As if to eat the whole nature.
It limps and runs
Only frightened but frightening.
I turn to see
And my friend is lost.
He goes through the meadows
While I still tramp
Over the swampy thorn bushes.
Trying to leap a steep
I broke my limbs
Finally to crawl with hands;
Still I whistled that old song
With painful moans as a backdrop.
The hill top is seen clearly
And I need to crawl some miles
Well I still hummed with pain
And looked back
To find him going home
That friend of mine.
I fell to sleep
But that tranquilized thought
Pushed my weakened limbs
To crawl for glory.

1 thought on “Tranquilized Thought

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Tranquilized Thought ” is a work which by the very denseness of its detailed narrative and usages of metaphor warrants more than one reading. The over-arching metaphor/allegory of the ” heart of the woods ” is confidently sustained and is an all encompassing tableau against which the drama,psychological and psychotropic unravels before the reader. At once self-explanatory and still insisting on an element of intrigue and non-disclosure, two points certainlt struck me about this very fine poem, who is the “friend” refered to in ” my friend is lost” and “that friend of mine”?And what does the appearance of the only other sentient creature,the black boar represent,if anything? Is the reader straying into Jungian territory and reading into “it” too much?

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