Traffic Light

Dusk or dawn,
real or drawn,
seems the same,
except the name..

The sky turns red,
at the horizon ahead..
The sky red and bright,
like a traffic light..

Is it so,
that the reddish glow,
twice a day,
has something to say?
That God in his way, has wisdom to convey?
It seems to me,
and it may as well be..

At dawn the call,
to one and all,
from the sky red,
to get out of bed..
Your slumber to stop,
your head to pop..
Your dreams to end,
to stretch and bend..
To start a day new,
to do your tasks few..
To get out there,
and do your share..

At dusk again,
the sun does gain,
that reddish hue,
for minutes few..
It seems to say,
here ends you day..
Go home and rest,
you’ve done your best..
Take off your shoulders,
those heavy boulders..
Sans mask and hood,
rejoice what was good,
and if the day was bad,
let heal those wounds sad..
Stop all, the sun does say,
stop now and end this day..

Thus glows, the traffic light,
big, round, red and bright..
At dusk and dawn, everyday,
and God’s words, it does convey…

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About joker

Contradictory and confusing as my thoughts, I am a Mechanical engineer working in an interior fit out firm, dreaming of one day making it as a poet and trying to learn card tricks :)

6 thoughts on “Traffic Light

  1. HowardFrost

    Hi Joker,
    I like this one – I must confess that I personally avoid rhyme, as I have always found that even simple rhyme gives me what I call “Technical indigestion” i.e. my scansion becomes “fuzzy” and “antiquities” in word use creep in. Having been lambasted for these “errors” fifty years ago in my youth, I am a bit scared of allowing myself the freedom of expression that rhyme undoubtedly gives.
    High time I had another go methinks.
    Regards – Howard

  2. joker Post author

    thanx Howard. Rhymes have always fascinated me. I find it thrilling and testing. To find rhyming words without disturbing the flow kind of makes writing a challenge. I agree that it has slowed me down but I enjoy it.

  3. Louis Kasatkin

    EDITORIAL NOTE:- This is to acknowledge that,” Traffic Light ” by Basil Razack aka Joker was chosen as 1 of 4 poems to be part of the 3rd.Phase of ,” Featured Poets & Poems ” to be exhibited during March 2012 in Poets’Corner @ Destiny Church,Wakefield.

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