Traffic Junction

As I waited for a friend
at a busy traffic junction,
I saw life passing me by.

Restless in the hurried honks
of the busy bikers,
disciplined in the uniforms
of tentative school kids,
cursing in the crushing crowds
of overused city buses,
indifferent in the AC cars
with windows rolled up,
lilting in the cries of hawkers
making ends meet,
reckless in the deft driving
of rugged auto drivers,
careful in the gait of dogs
forced to learn traffic rules,
carefree in the chirps of birds
lost in traffic chaos,
playful in the perilous games
of soiled street-urchins,
silent in the rustle of leaves
on the tolerant trees,
strong in the endurance
of the potholed roads,
warm in the stifled flow
of tainted breeze,
shining in the allure
of enticing billboards,
observing itself in the mirror
of my own eyes,
weaving its own fabric
as warp and weft of itself.

My friend came and
sat pillion with me.
As I honked and rode off,
I dissolved again in life,
like sugar in milk,
and became
the mosaic of life.

6 thoughts on “Traffic Junction

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    Sardonic yet sublime–the allure of a traffic junction created with this unique touch–full of profundity..draws one there ! A fantastic piece of work !

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