“In the beginning is the kick-off,

the ball flies spiralling high and

true into the sacrosanct home

In-Goal area where it’s snagged,

neatly hugged by the swivel-hipped

Full-back who evades the predatory

first would-be tacklers,

and starts his run up the field;

A-drenalin thumping,

P-ulse racing..vein bursting,

N-erve shattering..muscle tearing,

S-inew shredding..heel hammering,

L-ung aching..turf churning..mud

spattering..trail blazing..barricade busting,

St-adium shuddering..Har-vesting hosannahs

Garnering adu-lation..


(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,
Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)

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