To old…to young.

I was often told that my soul was too old for my young heart.
I was said to be too young for what’s inside of my thoughts.
For a child of my age I should not think in the way I did.
For an adult my thinking were almost to regressive to keep of age.
But who really know me, who knew whom I really were.
I was not suppose to have these thoughts when I was young.
Someone tried to oppone against me having a young heart but an old mind.
How can I tell you all that I been dragged throug the dunes of Mars.
I have seen the deepest ocean and gazed from the top of the world.
When I was to young I looked into the face of death and it’s merely conjecture.
As old now I am not suppose to think of how to spread energy into life.
I have no regrets for anything I ever did, nor have I the knowledge of everything.
As young I could see where all went wrong and also where we could be immaculate.
As old I still fight for what’s right and to give our life the chance to prevail.

Too young to be old.
Too old to be young.
Cast into the world with an inherent knowledge.
Gained from the existence of life billions of years ago and up to now.

At the beginning of my life I pondered what lies behind the secret of life.
As older I got some of the answers only to end in a race for certainty.
Life sparked into Earth and so often nearly extinguished but the pulse is still here.
In youth I saw the build up and the start of decay and the decline.
In my maturity and coming of age I see the same spotless degradation.
As a child I understood that all that was ever created eventually will fall.
As young I had my fight with the thought what’s the reason for us to live.
As older I still fight to see why we need to go on or should concider suicide.
We can try to find the meaning in a religion where faith carries knowledge to closed eyes.
Or do we blindly rely on science with all its faults and uncertainties?
In my youth I had a phrase running through my mind.
“We have this narrow and fragile fringe where all our art, music and culture exist for a brief second”.
In this thought I was way too young and far too old to grasp the context.
No matter when and how I would have imagined our world, I would always have been wrong, as old and as young.

Too young to really understand.
Too old to yield my heart so young.
Cast into the world with an inherent knowledge.
Gained from the existence of life billions of years ago and up to now.

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Hey Destiny Poets. I live in Denmark about 90 km from Copenhagen and works in Roskilde as a teacher and mentor. I'm probably not like most men of my age and yes I am aged 50 years old. I've tried a lot of jobs without finding what I'm passionate about. Writing, I have always loved and I was probably just 14 years old when I produced my first poem. I have not yet been released some of my poems, but I hope it happens one day. I just finished a novel which I would like to have published, now the time and talent show whether I have the ability to write. Poetry has a special meaning for me and this is where I really feel at home. My life has sometimes been marked by many losses. In the mid eighties, I lost my fiance at the time when the accident happened was pregnant. She lost control of the car and drove herself and her child, who was on his way thereby, to death. It has really made its mark on my life and way of thinking. In the late nineties, I had problems with my back and had to seek other avenues to support myself. I finally decided to enroll at university and was admitted to the humanist line. I read philosophy, science, psychology, journalism and history, but philosophy and psychology is my major interest. I thrive today in the RUC aka Roskilde University just 25 km from Copenhagen. My job is to guide and teach, and it is a job with speed and that gives me a lot again. I have two collections of poems ready to be released, if I can find a publisher who will publish them. I have no children, it would obviously be my lot in life although I have tried, but luck never smiled at me that way. If you have any questions for me so I hope you just ask away all you want, I'll respond as soon as I have read the questions. With kindest regards from Jan Sorensen

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