Today is the Time

Today’s Time is very critical,
while we make use of it,
the treatment we give to our time,
it should be very special.

it is said that,
once time is lost,
it never comes back,
its true fact of life,
everybody of us knew it,
yet we waste our time,
as if time is ours,
and we can roll it back.

We should understand,
the importance of time,
we should never ignore,
the true value of time,
indeed once time is lost,
it will never come back,
we will just sit and cry,
than there will be no returning back.

Today is the day
we should get up and realize,
the true value of time we have,
today is the day,
we should spend every moment,
as if this is all we have.

So if possible,
take time and do one simple act,
love your loved ones,
spend time with your family today.

Say whatever you always wanted to say,
but you didn’t get time for it,
say it today,
just say it today,
live it today,
as today is the day,
which will be yours
and make the most out of it
only and only today.


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