To the moon and back

Waltz me to the moon and back
Look the moon has opened its eyes a crack
Ah, it has a benign smile
So bereft of guile
The night quivers through mists of intoxication
Come, let me pour you a glass of beer
Hush, love is in the air, here, there, everywhere
The night is in a stupor drunken
Sing, sing, sing to me rhymes of love- drenched times
Pour out your love in this frame shrunken
Is someone tuning a guitar?
Ah, I hear someone crooning
See, see the moon listening in attention
Trapped inexorably in the notes of the song
Come, let us dance to the moon and back
Come, hold me tight
Waltz away the night
Come, hold me tight
Let us waltz away the night.

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