To The Dark Man I Know

Hey! You dark man,
I follow you for many years,
And still i don’t remember,
What you are?
Well recently i found,
My God! A writer you are(ha ha ha!)

After surviving your pesters,
Now i outbreak to say,
For heaven’s sake
Put down your pen.

I wonder why you stopped me once,
And asked, what book i have read recently.
What will you understand?
If I say I read Plato.
I only tried to say,
Dark man, dark man…
Mind your business,
And you started writing.

I accept Shakespeare, Dante,
Russell, Eliot and Chekov,
To be great writers,
But not you… You dark man!
You are an obnoxious writer,
Trying to amuse with your trivialities.
The jokes that you crack,
And with the words that you play,
I don’t even smile man.
It is time,
You drop down your pen,
And pull out the weeds.
Don’t try to make your progenies,
Write commentaries on cricket,
It’s still worse and nauseating.
Take my advice,
For goodness’ sake,
Stop writing,
And go to bed.
It is not time for you to wake up,
I will definitely let you know,
When you grow up.

5 thoughts on “To The Dark Man I Know

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This strikes me as having been really fun to write.And if I’m not mistaken,I detect influences of Roger Waters’ lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you crazy diamond” and “Animals”;they’re both among my all-time favourite albums.”hey you dark man”is the “giveaway”line for me.

  2. Madhumita Ghosh

    A marvellous poem…a critique on morbid urbane poetry with affected deconstructed imagery and language….I might be wrong, but that’s how I read the poem. Marvellous indeed, spoken straight from the heart! ‘You drop down your pen/And pull out the weeds’- a great image! The poem reminds me of Sidney’s sonnet ‘Loving in Truth’…a poet’s struggle to find ‘fit words’.

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