To see Krishna in Guruvayur!


In such a beautiful dusk
It is unusual, the queue is small

I wait to see the God
In the temple they built for Him
Temple with gold and rock
And many other things
Pillars tall with Gods carved on them
High roof that the elephants
Can walk under
Carrying the Gods on their back
With kuda and venchamaram
Every day when He is forced to
Sit on them
To make a round to His own
Seat, visiting the devotees
Waiting outside there

In this small queue all are
Uttering something
Prayers or desires
Requests or begging

The path to His seat is
Fenced with iron bars
Narrow with many U-turns
Parallel to each other
Finally crossing a high bridge
Inside the temple
Towards His door

Kids crying, mothers pampering
Elders holding to the barricades
For a support

They are hundreds
From everywhere
From faraway places
And nearby homes

It is waiting in the queue
None is moving
The door is not open

Finally when it opens
You wouldn’t know
How one can reach His door
While standing still
Within short time
You will be taken there
By the rush of those
Who are unable to wait
Anymore, to see Him
So in their rush
You will be flowed

You are empty
You are lost
You have nothing to pray
You are patient
You are silent
You simply have the darshan
With folded hands
With a heart full of apology
For not coming everyday
For doing so many things
(Though the heart is already
Made the way and had its seat
At His feet, eons back)
A river inside surges
To gush down
You would not know how the river
Escapes and rolls down
To the floor through
Hilly cheeks
When you are just in front of Him
You would lose the vision
It is foggy
But they wouldn’t rush you
They, the guards of His visitors
They let you there
For another moment
To blink and try again
As a boon from Him
You thrive to get a clear
And move out
As silent as the rock as that
He is made of
And feel the Himalayan
Ice melts inside
It is a cool flow
His smiled face
Of sandal paste
Is alive and keep smiling
With a naughtiness
As if it telling
My play is not over
With you
Let us see
Again and again
Yeah! Again and again
Again and again
Nothing is over
Everything is going to be
Again and again!

(kuda – the heavy decorated umbrella , venchamaram – fan made of peacock feather, Darshan – seeing the God inside the sanctum sanctorum of a temple)
They are used to accompany the Idol place on the back of elephant, the umbrella above him, two others fanning Him from behind)


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