To lessen the pain.

Let us get together
And sit close in a circle
Each head resting on the adjacent shoulder
Not a word is uttered yet we clearly listen to the pain storming in the heart of others,
While tears flow profusely down the shoulders ,
penetrating the shirts and dampening the bosoms,
Consoling the hearts as
Each one grieves their own loss,
Death of a close one , seperation,loss of health or money or a permanent disability,
Our pain somewhat softens and becomes bearable this way.

Then we mourn the loss common to all
Death of humanity , death of justice
Death of the right to existence.
The hearts contracts
Unleashing fresh streams of tears that flow incessantly
Flooding the vicinity
As each hand holds the other’s, shivering like autumn leaves,
Trying to console
But for this their is no consolation
Except that the Lord himself intervenes,
showering his rain of mercy on us,
Cleansing us of our pain,
And flushing away all evil and evil doers
from this earth.

8 thoughts on “To lessen the pain.

  1. amitapaul

    This poem begins as a dirge and ends as a prayer . However life is not a study in black and white but a picture in various shades of gray . To quote the old adage :
    “ There is so much that’s good in the worst of us
    And so much that’s evil in the best of us
    That it ill- behoves any of us
    To speak ill of the rest of us “

    1. Bilquis Fatima Post author

      Some evils like genocide , incarceration, murders can not and should not be forgiven and the perperators of such crime should ve eradicated and not allowed to flourish.
      Thanks Amita Paul ji for your comment.

  2. amitapaul

    “ Vengeance is mine “ , says the Lord .
    Man cannot give life ; man should not take it away.
    An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth would make the whole world blind .
    We should hate the evil , not the evil doer .
    The death of every man diminishes me


    All the above are famous quotations from great people , not said by me . I am opposed to capital punishment . In today’s world of fake news and dubious judicial bodies even blame for genocides can be wrongly attributed . Caution is therefore advisable before extreme measures are advocated .
    And poets are believed to be large hearted people .

    Anyway , the substance of the poem is less a subject of review here than the form . Form wise, the poem is quite satisfying , and indeed it touches upon an important subject .

  3. God’s Girl1

    Oh the pain I find it easy to forgive but I cannot and will never forget. For I am not God just have a little bit of Him in me.

    So do you soul of a poet x

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