To dust to return

My chest exploded with butterflies’ joy …
There on my solitude rock
shreds of sky are piercing my skin
There on my bleakness rock
joy has conquered my being in a butterfly dance
I can cry my sorrow out
there on my freedom rock

Oh you, gods and goddesses
hear my thunder voice for last time
here on this blackened peak
at your shrine feet
dressed in the white gown of fairies
I decline all my powers
I humbly chose to be a mortal being
To dust to return
A butterfly sometime to fly
A tear
sometime to share
in the mists of forever

2 thoughts on “To dust to return

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    With the exotic odour of joss-sticks surrounding it,the poem’s language is replete with the stuff of fables and fantasies.The hallucinogenic narrative reminds me in a post-traumatic kind of way of Uriah Heep’s legendary 1972 album, “Demons & Wizards”. Far out, Man.

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