Tipping Scales

Neck to neck parallel tracks merge
and branch out, they depart to
different destinations, dreaming
to rear up their serpentine hoods,
to strike the far off heavens.
Brown caterpillars break
open their cocoons to scatter
humans, stacked to the brim
like garbs in a travelers’ bag
for separate occasions.
I stroll across to the cast iron bench.
The TV monitor overhead displays
varied emotions the actors don and doff.
Life replicated – trading off fickle feelings.
Near me a mad woman giggles,
a dreamy look fogs her eyes;
she now turns coquettish.
Tears trickle down slowly.
Ungainly movements – wheels rotate
pushing, pulling, grinding to a halt.
I sat there on the bench watching
the wheels of fortune change,
turning scales between
on-screen faked emotions
and the insane burst on the
trodden ground beside me.

2 thoughts on “Tipping Scales

  1. Amita Paul

    A poem that seeks to make sense of the varied happenings of a constantly changing universe , of life in perpetual motion via tropes like trains on different tracks, travellers stacked like worms in cocoons, watched by a spectator , audio-visual art or tv presentation versus bizarre real life experience. All the while , the poet – narrator is in the role of an active observer of whatever unfolds and the reader observes the phenomena described in the poem through the prism of the poets imaginative consciousness.


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