Tinfoil and stardust

Tinfoil and stardust

A dream
An aim
A fantasy
Something to keep me focused while
Life passes by
I hang on to my dream
I project it on open skies
The sea washes my feet and my dream
Catches a sail and slides away

From the shore
Dream and sea blended together
Under the tinfoil of a cruel sky
Cruel and blue
An infinite screen running infinite dreams
Keeping us enthralled
While the galaxy is mincing stardust at the core

A dream, an aim, a fantasy
Surrogates for life
Imaginary postcards with oceans and seas
In perfect synchronicity
Sailing on a blue screen
Of a very smart tv

6 thoughts on “Tinfoil and stardust

  1. Amita Paul

    The synchronicity which keeps the poet enthralled is depicted in both imaginative terms of fantasy and also the very realistic terms of the television screen.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    Existential dread and ennui are this author’s metier and herewith the reader is regaled with another truly fine example.
    Highly evocative of some of the scenes in the iconic 1998 Peter Weir directed movie,”The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey.

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