Time Times Time

Time times time

without the happy ending ,

sans the fond farewell

only the pain of knowing

of all that time mis-spent ,

mis-used mis-placed

in orgies of indolence

bacchanalias of sloth ,

all those years spent kow-towing to

all those minds that were shallower than ours ;

Time times time

we should have played to the final whistle ,

endured one solitary moment longer

given hope that extra second ,

knowing that whatever we did ,

whatever we thought ,

whatever we said ,

time was always against us ;

and yet ,

time times time

we find ourselves back near the beginning

where there is still..


3 thoughts on “Time Times Time

  1. pramila khadun

    Beautifully penned poem, so thoughtful, so philosophical,so incisive.Makes me think a lot while reading this poem.Definitely, the end of times heralds the beginning of other times.Time is great…….great poem dear friend Louis.

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