Time has come

The stretched valley lies hungry
Soaking every drop of wish and hope
Like a crumbled,
blotting paper
The scorching whirlwind
has blown away with it
stanzas from the book of lullabies
The left-over pages of history
have lost their way
In the dark lane
of the century

Passing through the nomadic shadows
You have to move to the edge of the time
It is not enough to set free
the restless soul of night
from the swarthy hiss of terror
You have to climb to the peak
Holding those hands
that slumber beneath the
dismal blanket
You have to move-forward
Not just to secure
a space for you
But to light the stars of your share
to break the mirror of fear
It is time
You said NO……..
Sarita Jenamani 2013

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About sarita_Jenamani

Sarita Jenamani was born in Cuttack, India. She studied economics and business administration in Orissa and Vienna, published several books of poetry in Hindi and Oriya her mother tongue, she has also translated several poems (including Lorca, Paz, Rose Ausländer and other Austrian Poets). She is currently living and working in Vienna.

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