Time Flown Love

Love escapes the slide of time
Encompassed unity of souls,
As heart meets within one’s heart,
Celebrates the lovers’ dreams.
Time flies past ones heartfelt pleas
As in each other’s lovers’ arms
So strong, do dream
Drifting out beyond times’ expanse.

True lovers’ wishes often floats
As passer-by caressed, emotions high.
Space cannot, dare not hold back true love,
Time dare not tie in golden thread
Tie knot that loves so pure, do fly.
Loves and lovers dreams surreal
Escape expanse take time,
Holds on so tightly on to life
But love’s strength always wanders on.

For as love’s dreams is dreamers’ love,
N’er matters what true life brings.
For as the heart, with heart unite
True love of soul stands test of time,
In strength of love, supreme!

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker 2012

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