Tough time shows tough reality of life
It’s the best time which shows real face of life
Those who so called as there for us wip off from life
This time actually makes us to meet friends for life

Tough time does not remain forever
One day it will wipe and will never return ever
But there are times which open our eyes
And let us see who are there for us in our life

Learn from this tough time
And become more stronger than ever
Let time be our best friend for life
As it gives us opportunity
to become more harder than ever

Some says reality is harsh
We will say reality is horrible
Because it unveils the real face of life
And makes us realize something very incredible

So let us decide to be rock solid
Let us become the one who will never crib
Let us time be our best time for life
As once this will evaporates
Again there will be crowd of morons in our life

So get yourself up
Struggle today for our own self
This time will not be there for long
So let us enjoy the time
Does not let our happiness to wait for long


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