Till where lies infinity

To what lengths shall you go to
To show me that you love me?
What is it that you shall sacrifice
Merely to have my heart jolting
In your own ocean of bliss?

Shall you allow me to bloom
Into an invincible goddess
Having realized her inner self
In a useless world?
Or shall you chip off my leaves,
Leaving my thorns bared for all to see?

Muse, to what lengths shall you go to
Merely to have me clinging on to your neck
Gripping at you, clawing and biting
Never wanting to stop
Never even allowing you to look away from me?

Days seem so pleasant as they echo of your essence
And nights, laden with same,
Drown me in their shadowy hues!

Muse, how far shall you go,
To keep a smile painted on my face,
A smile rooted deep in the secret chambers of my heart
And tied to your enchanted vibes?

1 thought on “Till where lies infinity

  1. Amita Paul

    A poem about the creative process couched in the language of the senses , wherein the Muse becomes a passionate lover and the poet’s questions turn into suggestions and even dares as the poem progresses . There is a redundant “ to “ in the first line of the third stanza .


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