Till then

I shall wait for the rain to stop falling
To go and play in the forests
All alone, free and dreamy
Knowing that hope lies at the corner
As the skies have thrust their will upon my soul!

I shall wait for the summer’s warmth to be back
To sit on high cliffs at night
All alone, teary and still dreamy
To admire the moon’s mastery
As it never gives up in trying to make me smile!

I shall wait for the winds to blow the right way
To fly, all alone, light and airy,
Over meadows peopled by fairies and elves
Hoping that they shall deem me as being their Queen
And allow me to rule over them!

I shall wait for waves to feel tired
To enjoy, all alone and naked
A dip in their depths
Hoping to meet with the merry mermaids
So that they do hand over to me
The secret to enrapt love!

I shall wait for birds to stop singing
To climb on high trees, all alone
All hopeful and cheerful
To pretend that I can pluck stars
To give to the blind and the ignorant
So that the burden of life hurt them no more!

I shall wait for clouds to stop travelling
To lay back, on green grass,
Refreshed and energized
All alone, feeling like I’ve flown back into childhood
And try to read the stories they display to us
Over the blue screen of the silent skies!

I shall wait for love to stop its routine
To open my secret book, revived and gratified
In its company,
To read to it, of how many past lives we have survived
To have been mystically graced in this one
As to have been shown the face of each other
By those powers whose essence we shall never understand
As long as we’ll be on Earth!

Why, while I do wait
I shall run after butterflies
I shall cuddle lions
I shall mother baby bears
I shall race with planes
I shall kiss flowers
And I shall capture eagles!

While I do wait,
I shall close my eyes
And let poetic verses
Fill me up with such vigor
As to have me soaring high up
In the night skies while the rest of the world
Drunkenly drowns in their sleep!

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