Tides Of Change

I dream of a stairway to the sky
spiraling upwards, upwards
to a tower so high
sparrow teach me how to fly
to the clouds

I long to be Rapunzel
let down my hair
sit and stare
through frost laden windows
without a care

My heart is sleeping, makes not a sound
winter has arrived again
while the rest of the world is spring-bound
like a clock unwound
filled with sand

I could stop the tide
I am colder than the stars
Frozen from the inside
reborn and shivering
confused feelings collide

A piano with a broken key
out of time and tune
Play me like a drunken symphony
The night wrapped tightly around me
a quilt of pride

Moon speaks to me in whispers
you’re awake
you’re awake
This is not a game of give and take
It is all a mistake

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About Suzanne Parlee

I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. Now an adult I find such comfort in words, in books, and the written word in general. I am from New Brunswick, Canada, a province surrounded by The Bay Of Fundy, and The Saint John River, only one hour's drive from the Maine/USA border. Beautiful province!

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