night fell in love with the sparking dewdrop

and hid him in the chasm

to be hung out on a moonless night

in the reassuring abyss

the drop grew multifold

and so did its dreams,

on the next moonless night

as night hung it in the sky

it demanded to be the Moon

the night laughed

“you are my amusement, not the guide”

the dewdrop swept away the night in a tide.

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About Gauri Dixit

A software professional from Pune, India, Gauri is an avid reader and writes English poetry. Her poems have been published in multiple anthologies including 'Cloudburst - the womanly deluge' and 'athe Virtual Reality'. Her poems were featured in the Poet's Corner for the E-zine 'Mind Creative' published from Syndey Australia and Learning and Creativity e magazine.

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