Ticking Bombs

There is a ticking sound

and it is the slow ticking

ticking away of our lives ;

each day is a ticking bomb

which we need to defuse ,

and having accomplished that

the very next bomb starts ticking ;

What life actually is ,

is not about dealing with

one bomb at a time ,

but rather

we are confronted by

and find ourselves

in the midst of ,

a whole room full

of ticking bombs ;

and theirs is the slow

ticking ,

ticking away..

7 thoughts on “Ticking Bombs

  1. VijayNair

    An apt ‘objective correlative'( ticking bombs) is employed to describe the profound truth about the never ending deadline-linked issues confronting human existence. Disarming simplicity of verse highlights the horror.

  2. Sunil Sharma

    Thou art a genius unrecognised!
    Louis Kasatkin—the artist that captures the angst of modern civilization and its ills so faithfully! This poem, Carroll-like, documents the madness around through two recurring words—ticking and bomb/s. rest is a mere derivative.
    A pleasure.

  3. tapeshwar



    When I shudder
    to take thy pulpy pink
    The baby born

    Know it,

    I wrestle my faith
    To quiver
    somewhere, there
    In the wreck of the modern age

    Time bomb, pins up
    In a blast; ticking away … all

    wreath the last, the least;
    to defuse
    the tickling sound
    still ticking…
    in silent graves!

  4. Sarala Ramkamal

    how simple a way to tell the truth of life… the exploded moments gone and ticking now moment .. yes … room is full .. thought provoking one 🙂

  5. pramilakhadun

    Louis, you have delved deep in the daily issues affecting the lives of all of us, bombs are everywhere, the real ones and those underlying the circumstances of life which are not far from the bomb effect.Well done, eye-opening.


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